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Air Filter Replacement

Many things go into keeping your vehicle operating at peak performance. While it may seem like a small thing, your engine air filter plays a key role in keeping your vehicle operating efficiently. Learning how often to get your air filter replaced and what key indicators to look out for can help you stay on top of your vehicle maintenance. The team at Hi-Line Autohaus has put together this helpful guide with tips for doing just that. Keep on reading to learn when to change your air filter and how Hi-Line Autohaus can help.

How Often Should I Get My Air Filter Replaced?

It's ideal to get your vehicle's air filter changed at least once a year or every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. If you live and drive in an area with heavy dust, pollen, or pollution conditions, you might have to change your air filter more often. If your job exposes you and your vehicle to dusty conditions, such as new construction sites, it might be prudent to change your air filter more frequently. Some air filters have a service life indicator that makes it easy to tell when your filter needs replacing.

Importance of Replacing Your Air Filter

While it might seem like something small, a clean air filter has a big impact on your in-cabin air quality and a lasting effect on your vehicle. This small air filter affects your vehicle's performance in the following ways:

It Reduces Emissions

Your car relies on a clean air filter to circulate air through the engine and cabin. A dirty air filter requires your vehicle to work harder to circulate that air because the engine and the cabin need that air regardless of how hard the vehicle has to work. This increased effort uses more energy, and the output of this process is pollution or emissions. Ensuring that your air filter is clean prevents your vehicle from having to work extra hard to pump air. As a result, it produces fewer emissions.

It Improves Gas Mileage

As your car works harder to circulate air with a dirty air filter, it consumes more fuel to meet the demand. That means that you'll start to find your tank of gas isn't lasting as long as it usually does. When you change your air filter, your engine doesn't have to work as hard. As a result, your vehicle consumes less fuel, and you notice less demand on your wallet for costly stops at the pump.

Reduces Vehicle Wear and Tear

Wear and tear on your engine and vehicle are inevitable as you traverse the streets. However, making your engine work harder than needed for extended periods of time places more strain on your vehicle, which means even more wear and tear. This can lead to costly repairs sooner than expected, which can drain your wallet. Swapping your air filter out in a timely manner can help you save big because it lets your vehicle work like normal, putting more normal wear and tear on your engine.

Signs Your Air Filter Needs Replacing

Rather than relying on a certain mileage or timeframe to get your air filter replaced, it's a good idea to know about some different signs to look out for that suggest it's time to tackle this task. Key indicators that it might be time for replacement include the following:

  • The check engine light is illuminated.
  • You hear strange or abnormal engine sounds.
  • There's black smoke coming from your exhaust.
  • There's a gasoline smell coming from the tailpipe.
  • The engine is misfiring.
  • The vehicle isn't generating the same horsepower.

You can also physically check your air filter yourself. The filter is white, cream, or a light gray color when fresh out of the package. As dirt and debris accumulate on the filter, it starts to darken. While color change is normal during the life of your air filter, when it reaches a dark gray or black color throughout, it's probably time to change it. Be sure to check the inner folds of the filter paper, too — if it looks gray on top, this doesn't necessarily mean that every part of it will be discolored or dirty.

Why Should I Get My Air Filter Replaced at Hi-Line Autohaus?

There are many reasons to get your air filter replaced and to get it replaced at Hi-Line Autohaus. For one, our team of highly trained technicians can replace your air filter in no time with high-quality parts. Speaking of parts, we offer our services and parts at reasonable prices, enabling you to bundle several services into one to get the best deal on the filters, services, and parts you need. To help you save even more, we also have ever-changing service specials, including air conditioning service deals, oil change offers, and wheel alignment deals.

What Other Services Does Hi-Line Autohaus Offer?

Bundling multiple services into one, including air filter replacement, can help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape without having to run around town going to multiple appointments. Other services you can add on when you're getting your air filter replaced at Hi-Line Autohaus in Charlotte include the following:

  • Tire rotation and balance.
  • Wheel alignment.
  • Oil change.
  • Multipoint vehicle inspection.

If you need a more extensive service for your vehicle, we can cover that too. Here are some of the other services we offer:

  • System diagnostic services.
  • Transmission services.
  • Original equipment manufacturer parts replacement.

Does Your Vehicle Need Service or a New Air Filter?

Is it time to get your air filter replaced? If so, look no further than Hi-Line Autohaus for all your air filter and servicing needs, as we can do it all. If you're in or around the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, our team of trained technicians will be happy to help you out. Schedule your service appointment or stop by our service center today so you can keep your vehicle running like new. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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