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Oil Change

Ignoring regular oil changes can lead to major issues with your vehicle in the future. Frequently changing your car’s oil is one of the best things you can do to maintain its health and durability. Hi-Line Autohaus provides rapid oil changes directly on-site for all makes and models. We adhere to auto maintenance schedules and will be able to inform you exactly when your vehicle’s oil needs to be changed next, as well as when your other routine maintenance services are due. Learn more about oil change services in this article and say goodbye to guesswork.

What Is an Oil Change?

An oil change forms part of the common maintenance routine for internal combustion vehicles that involves replacing the engine oil and filter. Engine oil is critical for lubricating the engine’s many moving parts, decreasing friction, and minimizing wear and tear. It loses its efficacy over time, increasing engine temperatures and the risk of other issues emerging. To avoid this, you must change your car’s oil before it becomes too degraded and polluted with combustion byproducts.

The oil change process includes draining the old oil, removing the oil filter, installing a new drain plug gasket if needed, adding fresh oil and a fresh filter, and checking the oil level. Our team will dispose of your old oil, as well. Oil change processes and methods may differ based on the brand and model of your car. Following the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for your specific vehicle is critical to ensure successful maintenance.

What Does an Oil Change Do?

An oil change ensures that your oil remains fresh, which is important for the health of your vehicle. Engine oil is involved in a variety of key activities that are essential for the engine’s efficient functioning and protection, including the following:

  • Lubrication: Engine components can grind against each other if not properly lubricated, increasing heat, friction, and potential damage.
  • Heat dispersal: Oil helps to eliminate the substantial amount of heat generated by the engine while it runs, preventing the engine from overheating and incurring damage.
  • Pollutant removal: Various particles build up in the oil system over time. Combustion byproducts, dirt, and particulates can contaminate the oil, generating sludge and decreasing its efficacy. These impurities are eliminated by changing the oil and replacing the oil filter, resulting in clean and effective lubrication.
  • Corrosion and rust prevention: Clean oil provides a protective coating for engine components, keeping moisture and hazardous chemical reactions at bay.
  • Maximum fuel economy: Clean oil with the proper viscosity helps to increase fuel economy. Engine friction is reduced, allowing your car to run more effectively, resulting in higher fuel efficiency and better emissions.

Oil changes are required regularly for the long-term health of your car’s engine. Following the manufacturer’s suggested oil change intervals and using the correct type of oil for your vehicle is critical to enjoying a vehicle that performs at its best.

How Often Is an Oil Change Needed?

The frequency of oil changes necessary for a vehicle is determined by various factors, including the brand and type of oil, driving circumstances, and vehicle manufacturer recommendations. Most modern cars require oil changes at around  5,000 miles, or even as much as 10,000 or 15,000 miles, especially when fitted with modern filtration systems that use synthetic oils. These are only guidelines, and it’s always best to follow the particular instructions indicated in your vehicle owners handbook.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

Heeding the signs that your car requires an oil change is critical to preserving the health and function of your engine. For starters, examining the oil on the dipstick may give you useful information. If the oil is black, muddy, gritty, or at an overly low level, chances are that it no longer effectively lubricates the engine components.

Another important way to determine whether your car needs an oil change is by checking the oil status or the engine light on the dashboard. Reduced performance, such as decreased power or responsiveness, may also indicate insufficient lubrication. The same applies to an overall reduction in fuel economy.

Missing an oil change may cause various problems that you never want to encounter. There are several signs you can look out for. Unusual engine noises, such as knocking or grinding, may indicate insufficient lubrication, emphasizing the need for new oil. Excessive exhaust smoke, particularly blue smoke, may be a symptom of burning oil. If you smell an engine-oil-like odor, you likely have a serious problem related to heat or the oil’s condition.

It may sound simple, but perhaps the most important indicator that an oil change is necessary is the time elapsed since the last one. It’s best to schedule an oil change at the manufacturer-recommended intervals to guarantee adequate engine maintenance. Our team will be happy to help clarify when certain tasks are needed and when they can be done in a single appointment.

Why Us?

When it’s time for a car maintenance appointment, you can trust the experts at our service center to handle everything. We can perform the most common tasks to keep any make or model of car running smoothly. We are your easy, one-stop shop for oil changes, tire replacement and rotations, brake repair, windshield care, air filter replacement, and fluid top-ups.

Our service coupons can help you save money on many of the most common maintenance tasks. You may find discounts or special offers on comprehensive repairs for your vehicle. Perhaps your car is experiencing engine problems, or your SUV or truck needs suspension adjustments. We also have the tools and expertise to quickly detect any issues you can’t quite nail down.

Don’t Allow Old Oil to Reduce Your Vehicle’s Efficiency

Now that you know more about our services at Hi-Line Autohaus in Charlotte, North Carolina, we hope to see you soon. Arranging your appointment as soon as possible will help prevent severe problems in the future. We’ll be delighted to assist you in finding a luxurious and practical vehicle, obtaining an auto loan, or meeting your servicing requirements for your current car. Please contact our helpful staff of vehicle specialists now if you have any queries.

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